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The Research Master's program in Economics provides 2 years of graduate level coursework and research training, to optimally prepare you for a PhD The Research Master's program in Economics is fully dedicated to preparing students for PhD thesis research at CentER. To this end, we limit the inflow to a small number of excellent students with a sincere interest in pursuing a PhD CentER's Research Master in Economics at Tilburg University is an intensive two years program. It prepares you for academic research in economics with graduate level coursework and research training. Visit the official programme website for more informatio Educational background/diplomas. When you apply for admission to the Research Master's program in Economics, you need to have completed / will complete before the end of the academic year:. An academic Bachelor's or Master's degree program in economics, econometrics, or business studies, or another relevant field that is deemed a quantitative equivalent to the previous education profile Research from career platform Magnet.me shows that graduates of the Master's program in Economics at Tilburg University are most approached by employers on their platform in 2020. The program is at the top of their list! (in Dutch) Some examples of our graduates' careers: Consultant at The World Ban

Research Master's programs Tilburg University offers Research Master's programs for ambitious students. The Research Master is a two-year Master's degree. It gives you a solid, thorough training in the art of thinking: clear reasoning, critical analysis, deciphering complex subjects, and techniques such as conveying your thoughts accurately The Research Master's program in Economics at Tilburg University consists of two years of doctoral courseworkand research training in economics. It thoroughl.. CentER's Research Master's programs offer two years of graduate level coursework and research training. The programs prepare students for a PhD dissertation research. Research Master in Economics. There is no current worldwide ranking for Economics schools comparable to that of the UT Dallas. Recognizing this, the CentER for Research in Economics and Business at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, decided to create a worldwide ranking for Economics schools

Studium in den Niederlanden: Alle Infos zum Master Economics (Research) - Tilburg University in Tilburg CentER's Research Master (RM) in Economics is an intensive two years program. It prepares you for academic research in economics with graduate level coursework and research training. After completing the RM program most students continue with PhD research in economics. RM graduates who performed well in their course work and have a strong research proposal supported by one or two supervisors.

The Research Master's degree in Economics and Business is a two-year programme and is open to bright and ambitious students. This programme provides you with a thorough basis for academic research in the fields of economics and business. The aim of the programme is to qualify you for a career in research The Research Master's program in Economics at Tilburg University consists of two years of doctoral courseworkand research training in econo

Tilburg University's Research Master's program in Economics offers two years of graduate level coursework and research training in economics. It prepares you for PhD dissertation research. The program is integrated with a possible CentER's three-year PhD program to comprise the five-year Graduate Program in Economics CentER's Research Master (RM) in Economics is an intensive two years program. It prepares you for academic research in economics with graduate level coursework and research training. After completing the RM program most students continue with PhD research in economics The Economic Research Track in a Nutshell Two years, full time master's program (M.Sc.) Fast-track option for acquiring a doctorate. After the introductory modules (E700-703) have successfully been passed students can apply for the intake into this track of study

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  1. Tinbergen Institute offers a Research Master's Program with three tracks: a track in economics, a track in econometrics and a track in finance. Graduate program Why Tinbergen Institute? Program Structure Research Master Matching Transfer to PhD Courses Course Registration Facilities Admissions Recent PhD Placements In the first year, students receive rigorous training in the core subjects.
  2. Jens Prüfer is an economist at Tilburg University's School of Economics and Management (Tisem) and a member of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC). His research focuses on institutional and organizational questions, applying economic methodology to a broad set of disciplines, including law, management, political science, history, religious studies, and computer science. He studied.
  3. Research Master in Economics. 12-13. Tilburg Graduate Law School. 14-15. 16-17. LLM Research Master in Law. Graduate School for Social and Behavioral Sciences. 18-19. 20-21. Research Master in.

230333 Microeconomics 3 (Research Master Economics) 230347 Advanced Microeconometrics (Research Master Economics) 30J211 Statistics and Data Management 2 (BSc International Business Administration) 35B208 Modelling In Practice (BSc Econometrics and Operations Research) 390302 Thesis Supervisor MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics 300TET Thesis Supervisor BSc Econometrics & Operational. Master in Economics - Research Focus - ECON2MA (Finalité approfondie) Louvain-La-Neuve. 2-year program - ECON2MA - 120 credits. Program structure - 120 credits - 2 years. Core course - 15 credits; 2 Options of Specialization - 30 credits; Research Focus - 30 credits; 4 advanced elective courses - 20 credits; 1 elective - 5 credits ; 1 thesis - 20 credits; Note: An access to master 120 with. Research Master in Economics (research) Tilburg University (Tilburg) WO-Master (voltijd) DUO-code: 60909: Ons oordeel Lees meer » Deze master wordt besproken in het artikel WO Economie. Je vindt daar een beschrijving van de master, informatie over de arbeidsmarkt, feiten, cijfers en onze beoordeling en vergelijking met andere masters. Lees het gidsartikel: Details. Feiten. Opleidingsvorm: WO. The Tinbergen Institute (TI) research master in Economics is part of a 5 year PhD track. › More about this study programme Why study this programme? Tinbergen Institute students are typically hard-working and independent, mathematically skilled, creative and inquisitive and have academic ambitions

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MASTER AND MORE: information about your Masters study. Economics (Research) - Tilburg University - study in Tilburg, The Netherland The master's programme in Business Research has two specialisations: Business Research Operations Research. Please consult the specialisations pages for more information about this programme. Triple Crown accreditation for the School of Business and Economics 'Triple Crown' accreditation from AASCB, AMBA, EQUIS. UM is the sixth best Young University in the world Times Higher Education 2020. Master Economic Research 320px 480px 640px 786px 1024px 1280px 1440px Die Cologne Graduate School der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität zu Köln (UzK) lädt Bewerber*innen ein, sich für ihr zweistufiges Graduiertenprogramm im Studiengang Economic Research zu bewerben ( PhD programme in Economics ) Wil je een review, recensie of ervaring over Research Master in Economics (research) van Tilburg University in Tilburg achterlaten? Dat kan via het formulier aan de linkerkant. Het e-mailadres is puur voor onze eigen controle en zal niet gepubliceerd worden op deze pagina. Zie je een review of recensie over de studie Research Master in Economics (research) dat niet correct is of niet klopt.

Tilburg University has been known by many names since it was established in 1927. It started life as the Roman Catholic University of Commerce, before making its way through the names Catholic Economic University, Catholic University Tilburg, and Catholic University Brabant before officially arriving at its current title in 2010. In 1969, protesting students gave Tilburg another unofficial. Tilburg research master vs master. Close. Vote. Posted by just now. Tilburg research master vs master. Hello guys, hope you all doing allright. I recently got accepted to one year master program in Economics at Tilburg. So I was wondering is there any big difference between research master and regular master at Tilburg. I am aware that obviously, research master is based on more researxh such. Master of Science (MSc) in Economics The recent financial crisis has made it clear that society is in need of good economists who can find solutions to contemporary problems associated with national debt, unemployment, social benefits and much more I recently got accepted to one year master program in Economics at Tilburg. So I was wondering is there any big difference between research master and regular master at Tilburg. I am aware that obviously, research master is based on more researxh such that it prepares you for phd. Can I get in researxh master after I complete my regular master? And does regular master worth to spend 12000 euro. Welcome to the website of the Applied Economic Theory Reading Group at Tilburg University. The group is open to all active researchers at CentER, from young, enthusiastic research master students to less young but equally enthusiastic faculty members The idea is for us to commit to read and discuss papers at the frontier of research (recently published or in working paper format). Each.

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  1. The Tilburg University Research Portal hosts details of our researchers, their output, interests and activities. The portal also functions as the institutional repository of Tilburg University. As such, it provides access to the full text files of many of our publications. Collaborations for the past 5 years (based on co-authorships) Click dots to bring up details. Select a country from the.
  2. istration ; Methodology. Journals. We have identified a list of 79 leading journals in the fields of Econometrics, Economics and Finance. We provide a standard worldwide Top 100 ranking of economics schools based on publications in a subset of the journals in the database, for the.
  3. ute YouTube video //www.hannesdatta.com, featuring a range of additional material, videos, etc. Considering writing your Master thesis under my supervision? Then have a look at my thesis companion at https://thesis.hannesdatta.com. Career. 05/2018 - today. Associate Professor Department of Marketing, Tilburg University, The.
  4. The Master's program in Economics is an excellent choice if you want to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude to become a professional economic analyst. The program is taught by internationally renowned economics professors of Tilburg University. With about 50% international fellow students, there is great diversity in nationalities in your classroom
  5. The Kick-off Sessions are mandatory for all starting bachelor students who subscribed for a study at Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), except for pre-master and master students. Masters can attend their own kick-off session, which is organized by the university. This information is spread via Canvas and is likely to be scheduled in your rooster. During the kick-off, you will.
  6. Tilburg University Research Masters Scholarships 2021 in Netherlands: Tilburg University is offering the Research Master's programs with tuition waivers for non-EU international students.All non-EU students admitted to a Research Master's program will receive the tuition fee waiver automatically, up to € 14,700 per year
  7. The Economics Master's program offers a large variety of courses in Applied Economics to prepare students to fulfill the new demands of a highly competitive job market. In particular, we offer Data Science courses designed for economists and other social scientists that allow students to acquire new skills besides traditional econometrics and quantitative analysis. A large variety of applied.

The MSc Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies(EORAS) uses mathematical and statistical models to analyse problems in business, economics, finance, insurance, and related areas. We address questions such as: How will future employment ratios develop in Europe? How much influence will petrol prices have on car usage? What is the minimal route length to deliver large amounts of. Career prospects. With a Master of Science in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics you are awarded an internationally-recognized degree, qualified to pursue a career in a range of different organizations, such as government institutions, banks, insurance companies and research departments of large companies Dive into the research topics where Tilburg School of Economics and Management is active. These topic labels come from the works of this organisation's members. Together they form a unique fingerprint. Costs Business & Economics. Incentives Business & Economics. Uncertainty Business & Economics. Pensions Business & Economics. The Netherlands Business & Economics. Game Mathematics. Liquidity.

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Master online information events. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, you are not able to visit us on the campus in Maastricht at the moment, but you can still get answers to your questions and get an idea of what it is like to study at the School of Business and Economics in a variety of online experiences Master's program in International Business Taxation / Track International Business Tax Law (LLM) Business Organization and Strategies for the academic year 2020/2021 at Tilburg Law School. 1 person Mechanical Engineering 3 peopl Law, Economics and Governance Media, Arts and Culture Natural Sciences Philosophy and Religion Region and Countries Master African Studies (research) (MA) Master Air and Space Law (Advanced LL.M.) Master Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory (MSc) Master Ancient History (MA) Master Ancient History (research) (MA) Master Applied Archaeology (MA) Master Applied Cognitive Psychology (MSc. Tilburg University is dedicated to prepare their students for their transition to the labor market.To ensure the students will graduate as a professional, Tilburg University invests in the development of 21st century skills like debating, presentation skills, digital knowledge, creative and innovative thinking and personal development Year 2: UPF Master of Research in Economics, Finance and Management (MRes) COURSEWORK THAT PREPARES STUDENTS TO CONDUCT RESEARCH. A variety of specialized elective courses taught by faculty of the UPF Department of Economics and Business and CREI will present students with cutting-edge research, help them find topics for their own research, and put them in contact with potential thesis directors

Research Master: Organizations and Groups | Tilburg Universit Joint Bachelor of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology in which you learn to analyze the large amounts of data that drive today's businesses. BSc Econometrics and Operations Research . Focuses on understanding how to formulate mathematical and statistical models in relation to problems in economics and business, and using and applying these models to real business issues. Do you have questions or concerns regarding our economics and marketing study programmes, then feel free to register for a Skype meeting. Skype meeting. Do you have a question? ask us now! Our campus. Take a look at our campus in Eindhoven; Take a look at our campus in Tilburg; Take a look at our campus in Venlo; This is what our students say about Marketing Management - Digital Business. The Research Master in Business provides students with an interest in business with - a more intense, and high-level training in your business discipline of interest; - a thorough training in research methodology and analytics, within your business discipline. This unique combination makes the Research Master in Business especially suited for business students who want to prepare for their PhD. Our programme combines attention to modern problems and an emphasis on rigorous methods of research and evidence-based policy advice and expertise in Political Science and Economics, with sensitivity to normative and ethical issues required to implement policy in the real world that derives from Philosophy. In this respect, the Master's Programme 'Politics. Economics. Philosophy' follows.

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The master's in Econometrics and Operations Research focuses on using quantitive data to aid economic and management decision making. You'll learn to use techniques from statistics, mathematics and computer science to solve complex problems for governments, financial institutions, logistics companies and other organisations Economics Research Master (Tinbergen Institute) Programme type Research Master's. Language of instruction English Mode of study Full-time Master's . Save this programme to your favourites. English (tracks) Study the language, literature and culture of the English-speaking world through one of our six Master's degree programmes. Programme type Master's. Language of instruction English Mode of.

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Jens Prüfer is Associate Professor of Economics at Tilburg University and a member of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC). His research focuses on institutional and organizational questions, applying economic methodology to a broad set of disciplines, including law, management, political science, history, religious studies, and computer science However, the standard Tilburg University Top 100 ranking is based on a subset of 35 of these journals. These 35 journals can be found on the list include under the change button on the Ranking Sandbox page. On the Sandbox page, it is possible to create alternative analyses using various combinations of all journals in the database

The Graduate Program in Economics offers a comprehensive curriculum of advanced study and research, from the Master's to the Doctorate degree, in economics, finance and risk management. Through its association with the Dauphine Economics Research Center (LEDa) and PSL's major Governance Analytics research program, the graduate program offers Master's degrees in which research plays a. Compiled data of the Tilburg University Top Worldwide Economics Schools Research Ranking - Michael-E-Rose/TilburgEconomicsRankin The Political Economy and Public Economics Research Group investigates topics from two disciplines which have natural complementarities. Political economy focuses more on the political feasibility of certain policies whereas public economics tries to determine which policies are optimal in every environment Short biography. In 1999 Reyer Gerlagh received his PhD in economics. He won the Vernieuwingsimpuls, a prestigious 5-year scholarship (2000-2005) of €650,000 by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research ().He visited Oslo, January-June 2006, by invitation from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters to work at the Centre of Advanced Studies on the interaction between. The MPhil in Economic Research is the first year of a four-year route to a PhD and runs from mid-September to the end of July. The MPhil in Economic Research is the foundation year for the PhD programme and involves a thorough study of the core areas of economics and the requirement to explore one area in detail in order to begin the process of choosing a PhD research topic

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  1. Master of Science Economics From program, tuition and financial aid resources to what you can expect from campus life, our website for Prospective Students (M.Sc.) points you to information about essential elements of the graduate experience at the University of Mannheim
  2. Please do not write to members of faculty regarding supervision or entry to the PhD. We do not recruit PhD students in this way. All of our PhD students must either complete the MRes Economics at Warwick or demonstrate they have completed a two year MRes at another institution (with a syllabus closely matching that taught at Warwick) and achieved excellent results
  3. UPF Research Master in Sociology and Demography. Watch the video! Highlights Highlights. Apply now! Scholarships. Opening conference of the Research Master in Sociology and Demography. Contact Political and Social Sciences secretary office. Jaume I Building (Ciutadella Campus) Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona (+34) 93 542 29 04 . i nfo master. Coordinator of the Master, Luis Ortiz.
  4. The Master of Arts, M aster of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Economics at Indiana University were designated as STEM programs in August 2020.. Our department strives to give doctoral students not only a broad understanding of the discipline, but also the opportunity to explore at least three fields in depth
  5. Research; Studies; Student life; Services and tools; About UiO; People; Menu. Norwegian website; For employees; My studies ; Studies > Master's programmes and PhD > Economics (master's 2-years) Economics (master's two years) The two year master's degree programme in Economics is a full time programme, with three different programme options, that provides rigorous training in modern economics.

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Tilburg University believes that academic excellence is achieved through the combination of outstanding research and education, in which social impact is made by sharing knowledge. In doing so, we recognize that excellence is not only achieved through individual performance, but mostly through team effort in which each team member acts as a leader connecting people This Master's in Industrial Economics and Markets is a two-year program. The first year consists of courses on Microeconomics, Quantitative Economic Analysis, Finance, and Business Economics, common to all specializations in this program. The second year offers core courses in Industrial Organization (Regulation and Competition Economics), and three areas of specialization on the Economic. The Fontys University of Applied Sciences offers a range of bachelors and masters degree programmes taught in the English and German language Alle cursussen Cursussen open voor inschrijving Toetsen open voor inschrijvin

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Barcelona GSE Master's Programs in Economics, Finance and Data Science for 2020-21 are now OPEN Doctoral researcher (PhD) in Labour Economics. Links. Footer menu. About; Advertise; Contact; Help; Press; Editorial Team; Reports; Handbooks; Partners; References; Terms & Conditions; RSS Feed; Sustainability; Customer Support +49 (0)30 - 2084712 50 info@inomics.com. Follow Us. Language. Select. 荷蘭大學介紹精選:蒂爾堡大學 Tilburg University 蒂爾堡大學成立於1927年,是一所世界百強名校,成立於1927年,為荷蘭公立大學,位於荷蘭第六大城市 Tilburg。其前身是一所經濟學院,由於商業領域的研究實力出眾,其後發展為社會科學領域全球領先的綜合性大學。蒂爾堡大學在台灣的姐妹校包括. The Toulouse School of Economics Master's programme. The TSE Master's programme is a two-year programme designed to give its graduates a master's degree in the fundamentals of economics and mathematics applied to the social sciences and know-how in advanced quantitative methods applied to economics and the social sciences. The school's Master's programme is divided into four fields, three in. The Graduate School of Economics and Business is the Graduate School of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at the University of Groningen and is closely related to the research institute SOM. The mission is to stimulate mono-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research related to the firm in its economic environment and to provide Research Master and PhD programmes meeting a high.

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An additional goal is to familiarise you with the application of theory and research methods to economic practice and policy. Such a combination of rigorous academic thinking with practical application is essential for any professional active in the field of economics, either in policy or research. You will learn about the influence of economic factors on society and how economic theory can be. If you are interested in writing a guideline or already wrote one, send an email to studysupport@asset-tilburg.nl so we can send it to the correct department. Guideline overview. Below you can find all the available guidelines per department. Asset | Accounting & Finance Advanced Auditing; Advanced Corporate Finance; Finance for Pre-master (Finance 1 + Finance2) Financial Accounting. Consistently ranked in the top three of management research centres in Europe, the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) is a community of over 300 management scientists who publish in leading academic journals. For aspiring researchers, ERIM offers an advanced doctoral programme in business and management. ERIM is accredited by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) Link Full Programmes Overview Admission Requirements Application Pre-master programmes

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Master in Economics - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - UC3M. This master program is planned to be taught On- Campus, in the academic year 2021/22. In the event that capacity limitations persist in the classrooms at the beginning of the course due to risks derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, students must follow the sessions that are determined synchronously online The Finance Program of the Master's in Economics and Finance at the Barcelona GSE is designed to prepare you for these challenges. An interdisciplinary approach combining Finance and Economics . The Barcelona GSE Finance Program builds on the School's outstanding faculty in Finance, Economics, Econometrics and Data Science. The program is aimed at students that seek an interdisciplinary.

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Tilburg MSc vs Mrs in Economics. By Structuraldynam in forum PhD in Economics Replies: Last Post: 04-04-2021, 07:37 PM. Need information about Research Master program in Tilburg. By macroeconguy in forum PhD in Economics Replies: 3 Last Post: 03-20-2017, 06:04 PM. Arizona vs Tilburg. By cz7 in forum PhD in Economics Replies: 2 Having obtained your master's degree in Economic Research, students usually enter the second stage. As a doctoral student you develop research projects in your dissertation and complete it with a PhD. Contact. WiSo-Fakultät Dekanat der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität zu Köln Albertus-Magnus-Platz 50923 Köln. Dr. Katharina Laske Coordination & Management. A successful thesis is evidence that the candidate has acquired the minimum level of research skills required and can therefore be accredited a Master's degree. Skills required of thesis writers are those associated with research design, data collection, information management, analysis of data, synthesis of data with existing knowledge and critical evaluation of the writer's own ideas and.

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Master of Economics students in Germany are expected to conduct independent research, work in teams, analyze and independently synthesize information. Students are assessed on a regular basis throughout their studies, finally culminating with a final Masters thesis project, which is largely self-guided with some supervision by a professor in the Master of Economics program in Germany With a Master program in Economics in Europe, students will experience curriculum that often includes challenging coursework, seminars, projects, internship, research, and a masters thesis. You can browse the options below to learn more about your opportunities for Master of Economics in Europe Popular books. Biology Mary Ann Clark, Jung Choi, Matthew Douglas. College Physics Raymond A. Serway, Chris Vuille. Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories Jay H. Withgott, Matthew Laposata. Everything's an Argument with 2016 MLA Update University Andrea A Lunsford, University John J Ruszkiewicz. Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing Diane Brown, Helen Edwards, Lesley Seaton, Thomas. The main route to becoming a PhD student at the Amsterdam School of Economics is to follow the intensive 2-year Research Master's programme at the Tinbergen Institute (TI). The aim of this excellent Master's programme in economics, econometrics and finance is to prepare students for further academic research. In the 2 nd year of the Research Master's programme, students are usually assigned a. The real world perspective leads to a multidisciplinary-economics approach, a research profile that favours crossing borders between academic disciplines, but also - within the economics discipline - between economics and business. U.S.E. aims to contribute to a society where people thrive, by taking a broad view on welfare and all factors involved. Well-being, cooperation, innovation and.

In the Public Policy track, you learn how to apply the latest economic theory and research methods to help governments intervene in the economy. More about the track Public Policy . UvA Master's in Economics elevator pitch. Take 90 seconds to find out why you should study MSc Economics at the University of Amsterdam. To watch this video you'll need to accept all cookies. Cookie settings. Top-5. Exclusive counsel, Master's program in Economics Tilburg School of Economics and Management - Tilburg University, ranked n°39 at Eduniversal Bests Masters Rankin

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The Master in Economics at the University of Cologne offers a research-oriented study programme with courses from a wide range of economic areas. As a student, you are largely free to choose the subjects you intend to concentrate on, and you can opt to focus on different areas within and between fields. The main topics are: Market Design and Behavior, Markets and Economic Policy, Empirical. Applications for 2021-2022 MSc Programs Now Open Apply Now. Career Opportunities: Facts & Figures on Graduate Placement . Study Abroad Opportunities: Exchange Programs and Double Degree Partner Universities. Programs; Master of Science; Economic and Social Sciences; Economic and Social Sciences. Program Director Antonella Trigari. This program provides a solid foundation in quantitative. Economics careers. A Masters in Economics can open doors for you across a wide range of sectors and in many types of organization. Common providers of economics careers include research agencies, consultancy firms, the economic advisory services of governments, banks and financial institutions or international agencies, universities, multilateral organizations and non-governmental organizations Research Masters degrees are more independent in nature. You won't have as many timetabled units (in fact, you may not have any). Instead, you'll focus on one or more extended projects. You'll still receive support and guidance from an expert supervisor, but the focus of your programme will be on your own research work. The majority of Masters-level programmes are taught courses. They. During this two-year research Master you will develop expertise in an economics research area of your interest and supplement this with knowledge from another field of research preparing you for a career as a researcher inside or outside academia. View programme. Musicology In English. Degree: Arts & Culture (Research) (60829) Duration: 2 years. The Research Master in Musicology offers.

Master in brief The international Master Performing Public Space (PPS) is designed for artists from a variety of art disciplines, who currently focus on public space as their artistic environment. This blended-learning program (online/on-campus) is breaking new ground in investigating public space as a backdrop for artistic expression, intervention and research The MSc Economic History (Research) provides the essential training and skills needed to pursue research in any aspect of economic history. You will be able to choose from a wide range of elective courses in economic history, allowing you to compile a programme according to your interests and career goals. You will also choose one or more research training courses and a compulsory economic.

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Research Master Social and Behavioral Sciences | Tilburg University. Research Master in Philosophy | Tilburg Universit The Applied Social Psychology programme is a double-degree Master's programme offered by the HSE Faculty of Social Sciences and Tilburg University (the Netherlands), which explores different fields within social psychology, cross-cultural psychology, economic psychology, and work and organizational psychology The Amsterdam School of Economics offers excellent bachelor and master programmes in Economics, Econometrics and Actuarial Science. Both the School and its programmes have a strong emphasis on research Master in Accounting & Financial Management: This specialised master examines the role of accounting information in company performance. Master; 1 jaar; Engels; Vergelijken. Accounting and Auditing . Master in Accounting and Auditing: For number-crunchers who want to see beyond the facts and figures, become a first-rate financial economic expert. Master; 1 jaar; Engels; Vergelijken. Accounting.

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