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LAHORE: To Chief Minister Dr Salman Shah has said Punjab was the engine of growth in Pakistan.Pakistan will prosper if Punjab progresses. He said in the last 10 years, the economic growth rate. The overriding concern is to provide a better life for the province's citizens. In the short- to medium-term, the provision of a better life to the Punjab's citizens depends essentially on two considerations. First, incomes must be increased; second, the delivery of public services must be improved Punjab's economy has been primarily agriculture-based since the Green Revolution due to the presence of abundant water sources and fertile soils; most of the state lies in a fertile alluvial plain with many rivers and an extensive irrigation canal system

Over the last 65 years, Punjab's economy has done better than the average for Pakistan. For the final quarter of the 20 th century, the provincial product grew at a rate of 0.1 per cent more than the national average; 5.1 per cent a year compared to five per cent for Pakistan as a whole The economy of Pakistan is the 22nd largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity, and 45th largest in terms of nominal gross domestic product. Pakistan has a population of over 220 million, giving it a nominal GDP per capita of $1,186 in 2020-21, which ranks 154th in the world and giving it a PPP GDP per capita of $5,839 in 2019, which ranks 132nd in the world for 2019. However, Pakistan's undocumented economy is estimated to be 36% of its overall economy, which is not.

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Punjab's relative wealth is largely due to its position as the 'food basket' of the country. Agriculture is a key sector of the provincial economy; 83% of the land is agriculturally productive, and.. 28 Economic Prospects of Pakistani Punjab at the same time, the government deficit is constantly widening. Unemployment is about 20 per cent. Farmers can no longer afford to buy fertilizer, wheat production is in decline and Pakistan, the world's sixth-largest grain exporter is facing the need to import grain to feed the people. Threatened by economi Alternatively, Punjab is also adding to the economy with the increase in employment of Punjab youth in the private sector. Government schemes such as 'Ghar Ghar Rozgar and Karobar Mission' have brought enhanced employability in the private sector. So far, 32,420 youths have been placed in different jobs and 12,114 have been skill-trained Punjab is Pakistan's most industrial province with the economic sector. Punjab is known in Pakistan for its relative prosperity and has all-time low rate of poverty amongst all Pakistani provinces. A clear divide is present between the northern and southern parts of the province; with poverty rates in prosperous northern Punjab amongst all-time low in Pakistan, whereas some in south Punjab are amongst the foremost impoverished. Its human development index rankings are high relative to the.

Prime Minister Imran Khan recently said that Pakistan's economy was on the right track since country's current account balance recorded a surplus $424 million in July 2020 LAHORE, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 18th Dec, 2017 ) :Planning and Development Department Punjab (P&D) here Monday launched The Punjab Economic Report 2017 that revealed Development of Energy, Health, Education and Infrastructure sector in Punjab, besides highlighting the challenges and way forward towards the economic growth In the coming years, the basic challenge for Punjab's economy is to grow at a fast rate to provide quality jobs to young people entering the workforce every year. For sustained improvement in living standards, economic growth has to be private sector-led, employment-intensive and exports-oriented. Importantly, it has to be anchored in adequate resource mobilization, efficient social service. In this Video I useMic for voice : https://amzn.to/2BY2HMzSoftware : https://amzn.to/2SSR6bPLaptop : https://amzn.to/2VgTTsjMouse : https://amzn.to/2GFlkIKTh.. This means that the share of Lahore in the Punjab economy increased from 17.7 per cent in 2010-11 to 18.9 per cent in 2014-15. The corresponding shares of Lahore in Pakistan's GDP were 10.4 per.

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Punjab landscape both in the percentage of land (57.2 percent) in agricultural sector and also the percentage share (53 percent) of Pakistan's agricultural gross domestic product (Punjab Development Statistics, 2009). In the year 2007-08 the Punjab share in Pakistan's agricultural production of major crops was wheat 74.5 percent. Rice 59. The relationship between growth and poverty is complex in Pakistan, where economic growth has not always been translated into poverty reduction. In the present work, three waves of a panel/longitudinal household survey, conducted between 2001 and 2010, were used to analyze poverty trajectories as well as the relationship between their patterns and economic growth

Punjab's services sector includes trade, transportation and storage, financial services, real estate, public administration, and other services. The sector has grown rapidly since the late 20th century. By the early 21st century it had become the largest component of Punjab's economy Pakistan's economy has been growing slowly over the past two decades. Annual per capita growth has averaged only 2 percent, less than half of the South Asia average, partly due to inconsistent macroeconomic policies and an under-reliance on investment and exports to drive economic growth. Short periods of rapid consumption-fueled growth frequently led to sizable current account and fiscal. Indo-Pak trade embargo has hit Punjab's economy. Paradoxically, informal trade between the two nations has been going on despite the embargoes — often via other countries, such as UAE We suffered heavily and Pakistan's industry was destroyed. Our economic growth was at the lowest ebb. Meanwhile, China under Deng and India under Gandhi-Nehru focused on robust reforms in economy and governance, we had all our energies focused to Soviet War and Islamization of the government

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Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Final Report Consortium for Development Policy Research ABSTRACT This report documents the technical support provided by the Design Team, deployed by CDPR, and covers the recommendations for institutional and regulatory reforms as well as a proposed private sector participation framework for tourism sector in Punjab, in the context of religious tourism, to. Economic Indicators for Pakistan including actual values, historical data, and latest data updates for the Pakistan economy. 05/24/202 What I have found common in all these shows along with entertainment (jugtain) is the Punjabi hegemony -the imposition of Punjabi culture on the non-Punjabi Pakistani nation.Believe me, even most of the non-Punjabi nation would be unaware of the meaning of the word jugtain.Gramsci, an Italian Marxist, was the one who first came up with the word hegemony

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The E.I.C. annexed the Punjab in 1849 and organized it as Punjab Province, nominally under Bengal Presidency. In 1937 Punjab received its own assembly and prime minister. Upon the release of British India into independence in 1947, the Punjab split into Western Punjab, which joined Pakistan , and Eastern Punjab (at that time including Haryana and Himachal Pradesh ), which joined India NUTRITION POLITICAL ECONOMY, PAKISTAN PROVINCE REPORT: PUNJAB 3. UNDERLYING FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO NUTRITION STATUS It is important to understand the causal pathway for nutrition in order to identify provincial resources, or lack of resources, for control of under-nutrition (Figure 4). Nutrition is linked to household food security, a healthy environment, health status, and caregiver. Similarly to Pakistan's other provinces, and the country as a whole, Punjab Province - a macrocosm of the country, with more than half the population, and economic activity - is facing a crisis of public service delivery, government finances, public institutions, and governance. Hence, the resulting social, and infrastructure deficits, have contributed to slower economic growth, slower. Punjab Finance Minister, Makhdoom Hashim Javan Bakht, says the financial year (FY) 2021-22 will be the year of economic rehabilitation. Chairing By mid 70s, Punjab was producing 72 percent of country's output of major crops and 67 percent of food grains.6 The surge in agricultural economy in Punjab as result of infusion of new technology further sharpened the differences in levels of prosperity between various provinces in Pakistan. Within the Punjab province itself the economic cleavages became deeper and wider between irrigated and.

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  1. Government of Punjab, Planning & Development Board in collaboration with World Bank Group (WBG) and multiple implementing agencies is implementing Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth (PTEG) Project with the total project cost of USD 55 million over five years (30th April 2023). The project aims to promote the tourism sector by strengthening the institutional capacity through better skills.
  2. Economic Corridor (CPEC) can be a game changer for the economy of Pakistan especially Punjab since it has significant potential positive effects on the economy of the Punjab. Key words: Agglomeration, Social Inclusion, Efficiency, Districts of Punjab _____ *Annus Azhar is Assistant Research Fellow at Punjab Economic Research Institute (PERI) with MS Economics from Lahore University of.
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  4. Difference Between Indian Punjab and Pakistan Punjab Indian Punjab vs Pakistan Punjab The Punjab region is situated in Iran, Afghanistan, West Pakistan, and Northwestern India. It has an Indo-Aryan heritage and has been subject to invasions from different people resulting in the emergence of several ethnic groups that comprise its inhabitants
  5. Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board [PCTB], Lahore published text books/ ebooks/new syllabus for 2020-21/ ALPs at pctb.punjab.gov.pk. Please note Punjab Textbook Board E-Books from Grade 1 to 12 are available on the official website of Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Government of The Punjab, Pakistan

Agriculture is considered the backbone of Pakistan's economy, which relies heavily on its major crops. Pakistan's principal natural resources are arable land and water. Agriculture accounts for about 18.9% of Pakistan's GDP and employs about 42.3% of the labour force. In Pakistan, the most agricultural province is Punjab where wheat and cotton are the most grown Economy Of Punjab- Pakistan Punjab (Urdu & Punjabi: پنجاب, romanized: Panjāb (pronounced ), listen (help·info); lit. ' Five waters') is Pakistan's most populous province, with a population of about 110,012,442 as of 2017. Forming the bulk of the transnational Punjab region of Pakistan and India, it is bordered by the Pakistani provinces of Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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The informal economy in Pakistan is one of most-understudied phenomena despite its huge prevalence. Marketplace (bazaar) traders are an important part of the informal economy of the country and. Punjab has the largest economy in Pakistan, contributing most to the national GDP. The province's economy has quadrupled since 1972 Its share of Pakistan's GDP was 54.7% in 2000 and 59% as of 2010. It is especially dominant in the Service & Agriculture sectors of the Pakistan Economy It is also major manpower contributor because it has largest pool of professionals and highly skilled. Real GDP will grow by 2.3% in fiscal year 2021/22 (July-June), as economic growth is constrained by recurrent waves of Covid-19 infections and fiscal consolidation efforts. Disbursements from the IMF programme will help Pakistan meet its external account obligations in 2021-22. We forecast that the ruling PTI will complete its term, ending in 2023, with the military's tacit support.

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punjab pakistan Border Security Force recovers AK-47 rifle, pistol dropped by Pakistani drone in Jammu and Kashmir After taking due precautionary measures, the packet was opened and one AK-47, one pistol, one magazine, 15 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, one wooden frame, used to attach the payload with the drone, and wrapping material were recovered, the spokesperson said Households in Punjab, Pakistan: Analysis of Data from were surveyed on the a Cross-Sectional Survey1 KEY POINTS • More than 400 farmers in Punjab, Pakistan, impact of the nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and the locust invasion. • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, about one- third of farm households reported loss of earnings, and 22% of the. Because Pakistan is an agricultural country, water scarcity in agriculture will have disadvantageous impacts on its economics because agriculture directly subsidizes its GDP, and more than 40 percent of labour is directly or indirectly engaged in this sector (Pakistan, 2008-09). In Pakistan, traditional crops, such as wheat, are planted on a flat basin that is directly flooded with water for. Of 213 million Pakistanis, Punjabi is spoken by 48-55% of the population. The reason for such a wide range is the debate over Saraiki. Some consider it a dialect of Punjabi, while others treat it as a separate language. Embed from Getty Images. Punjabis dominate the Pakistani state and society at all levels from politics, bureaucracy and the ubiquitous military to economics and culture.

A large proportion of Punjab, Pakistan farmers are cotton-wheat farmers. The cotton-wheat cropping system is considered a grain plus cash cropping system. Cotton is sold as an industrial product and increases farmers' income while wheat improves food security. These crops contribute greatly to improvements in the economic conditions of a large number of people engaged in farming, processing. India's economically largest state, Maharashtra, has GDP ($398 billion) much greater than Pakistan. Even the second largest economy Tamil Nadu ($247 bn), is very close. The margin between these two countries was lowest in 1993 when the Nominal GDP of India was 5.39x of Pakistan, and the highest was in 1973 (13.4x). Both countries together share 10% and 18.5% of total Asia's GDP. Both countries. Pakistan's Vision 2030 and Framework for Economic Growth envisage livable cities as engines of national growth and centers of economic activity, culture, and knowledge. The Framework recognized the advantage of the local governments in managing the urban development on the ground, as they are closer to the beneficiary population with an informational advantage in identifying citizens. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF FOREST MANAGEMENT IN PAKISTAN- A CASE STUDY OF CHANGA MANGA AND MURREE FOREST By Ifrah Ali and Junaid Ahmad Noor Abstract Increasing demand of timber along with the rising concerns towards environment create a need to analyze the management system of forests in Punjab. Both natural and planted forests are present in province of Punjab. They are different in nature and thus.

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Punjab gasps as India's Modi refuses to seek oxygen from Pakistan. Repeated requests by Punjab leaders to import life-saving gas from 'enemy nation' go unheeded by federal government The Punjab Gender Parity Report 2016 (PGPR) had already identified disparities between men and women in economic participation and opportunities (employment, ownership of assets, labor force participation, etc.) as well as in sectors that potentially influence women's access and participation in the economy. The said report has served to guide policy and service level interventions for the. Punjab covers about 69% of total cropped area of Pakistan, which contributes a major share to the agricultural economy of the country by providing 75.5% in wheat, 70.2% in rice, 68.5% in cotton and 67.8% in sugarcane, and the share of fruits was 79.6% in mango, 5.8% in banana, 96.5% in citrus, 76.8% in guava and 8.1% in dates for the national food production (Afzal et al. 2012) PAKISTAN ECONOMY : GDP, Debt, CPEC, Trade, Growth, FDI, CorruptionBuy Online Products from below link & this will provide small help to our channel.. Thank Y.. for Punjab, Pakistan A Adaptation M Mitigation P Productivity I Institutions $ Finance P P A A M I $ M A P P A $ P P A. 2 Punjab is the second largest of Pakistan's four provinces comprising one-fourth (205,344 km2) of the total area. Hosting the five main rivers of Pakistan - Indus, Chenab, Sutlej, Jhelum, and Ravi—Punjab is known as the 'grain basket' of the country for its rich.

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Islamabad: Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has invited companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to invest in Pakistan's second largest province where new economic zones are being. THE ROLE OF POLITICS IN PAKISTAN'S ECONOMY Ishrat Husain Economie and social outcomes in Pakistan over the last sixty years are a mixture of paradoxes. The economic growth rate has averaged 5 percent annu ally since 1947—a feat achieved by very few countries. Politically, however, the interplay of religious fundamentalism, sectarianism, ethnic cleavages and regional economic disparities has. This course provides an overview of the economic history and current emerging issues of Pakistan's economy. The course helps students to analyze various economic problems and challenges faced by Pakistan's economy. The core economic issues with reference to Pakistan's economy covered in this course are Development Planning, unemployment, poverty, income distribution, economic growth. This skills gap alongside a more pressing need to reskill, uill and new skill the workforce to increase employability and meet the needs of the employers in the era of the 4 th Industrial Revolution inspired the Punjab Skills Development Fund to join the Reskilling Revolution and partner with the World Economic Forum on a Closing the Skills Gap Country Accelerator in Pakistan, named Parwaaz

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Unemployment Rate, Population Density and Crime Rate in Punjab (Pakistan): An Empirical Analysis Mohamad Kassem Department of Finance and Accounting, Lebanese International University Amjad Ali1 Lahore School of Accountancy and Finance, University of Lahore City Campus. Marc Audi AOU University/University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne. Abstract This article has examined the impact of unemployment. Rice plays a key role in the agro-based and occupies a prominent position in agricultural economy of the country. Pakistan is the 11 th largest producer and 4 th largest exporter of rice. Rice accounts for 3.2% of the value added in agriculture and 0.7% of GDP in Pakistan . History of Basmati Rice. The name Basmati has been derived from the combination of two Hindi words: BAS which translates. LAHORE: To mark the International Women's Day, UNDP in Pakistan through its Punjab SDGs Support Unit organised a webinar on Closing Pakistan's Gender Gaps through the Economic Empowerment. Development Projects : PK: Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project - P158099. Development Projects : PK: Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project - P158099 . Toggle navigation. Who We Are. Leadership, organization, and history. With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five.

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Pakistan could face a major economic blow if peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government fail, an expert warned. Speaking at a webinar by the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution, an Islamabad-based think tank, late Monday, Zafar Moeen Nasir, former vice chancellor of Punjab University, said the country's policy shift from geopolitics to geo-economics could cost Pakistan. The village is located in Pakistan's Punjab state, only 5km from the border with India. It evokes strong memories of India's violent partition in 1947. It evokes strong memories of India's. Work-related social protection schemes are an important investment in inclusive economic growth. However, in most developing countries and emerging economies a large part of the active workforce - informal workers - have no such coverage. An example is Pakistan's most populous province, Punjab, whose informal workers are the backbone of its economy, contributing to global supply chains. Business Tribune Pakistan. Business; Economy; Markets; Technology; Startups; Lifestyle; Reviews; Wednesday, May 26, 2021 Sign in. Welcome! Log into your account. your username. your password. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Recover your password. your email. A password will be e-mailed to you. Home Economy PM launches 'Health Card' in seven districts of Punjab. Economy.

The 51 agreements signed between China and Pakistan, or more accurately Punjab, have proved beyond any doubt that the PML-N government is in power to serve Punjab only. Therefore it would be fitting for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to be renamed as China-Punjab Economic Corridor He then joined the Punjab Economic Research Institute (Lahore) as a Research Associate, and later the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council as a Scientific Officer. Here he conducted research work in to socio-economic issues of agriculture and rural development in Pakistan, publishing various research papers in peer reviewed journals. In 2003 he joined the Univ. of Kassel, Germany, for his Ph.

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He noted Khan will come under further pressure as Pakistan's economic challenges continue to mount. The army has signaled its dissatisfaction with Khan's handling of the coronavirus lockdowns -- there are also indications that the army has not been happy with the handling of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as well as governance in Punjab, the largest province, Rafiq said. We. Punjab, state of India, located in the northwestern part of the subcontinent. Punjab in its present form came into existence on November 1, 1966, when most of its predominantly Hindi-speaking areas were separated to form the new state of Haryana. Learn more about the history and culture of Punjab in this article

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Der folgende Artikel über Madrasas in Pakistan beschreibt die geschichtliche Entwicklung und die gesellschaftliche Rolle der traditionellen islamischen Bildungseinrichtung der Madrasa in Pakistan.. Mit Ausnahme der Provinz Punjab gibt es in Pakistan keine allgemeine Schul-oder Bildungspflicht, oder eine kostenlose Elementarschule. Das chronisch unterfinanzierte öffentliche Bildungswesen des. As of 2010, Punjab had the largest economy in Pakistan (contributing 57% to Pakistan's GDP), followed by Sindh (27.5%), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (8%) and Balochistan (3%). Islamabad, the capital entity, contributes 1%; while FATA contribute 1.5%. As per 2018, Provincial share in total Tax Collection in Pakistan are Punjab 48%, Sindh 27%, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 17%, Balochistan 8%. Punjab, which is the. No, The Indian side of Punjab is way better than Pakistani Punjab. Punjab is the centre of power and economy of Pakistan but the Indian Punjab is just the same as any other state of India. The Pakistani Punjab is much larger than Indian Punjab in.

Abstract. In the Punjab Province of Pakistan, under-nutrition remains a recognized health problem and plays a substantial role in the region's elevated maternal and child morbidity and mortality. A bus service was launched in 2006 connecting Lahore in Pakistani Punjab with Amritsar in the Republic of India, through the Wagah international border. This was the first bus service between the two Punjabs for almost 60 years. Overview. Wagah, named Wahga in Pakistan, is a village through which the controversial Radcliffe Line, the boundary permanent Demarcation line dividing the Indian. Asian Development Bank (ADB) stated in its report that the virus outbreak could cost the Pakistan economy in the range of $16.387 million to $4.95 billion, or 0.01 % to 1.57% of Gross Domestic.

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05/02/2019. Lahore: A new study analyzing the causes of smog related to the agriculture sector with an aim to assist government institutions in the development of appropriate policies, action plans and interventions to alleviate detrimental effects of smog on economy, health and environment in Punjab was released in Lahore today ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF DAIRY ANIMAL DISEASES IN PUNJAB: A CASE STUDY OF FAISALABAD DISTRICT M. Ashfaq1*, A. Razzaq1, Shamsheer-ul-Haq1 and G. Muhammad2 1Institute of Agricultural & Resource Economics; 2Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 38040, Pakistan. *Corresponding Author's email: ashfaq9@hotmail.com ABSTRACT This study estimates the. While addressing the World Economic Forum at Davos in January, Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that the year 2020 will be one of economic growth for Pakistan. Khan's words echoed his vows to. Special Economic Zone Framework in Pakistan. The SEZ Act was promulgated on September 13, 2012 and later this year the SEZ Rules were notified. The law provides SEZs to be set up by the Federal or Provincial Governments themselves or in collaboration with the private sector under different modes of public-private partnership or exclusively through the private sector Balochistan contained a Chief Commissioner's province and four princely states under the British Raj in colonial India.The province's Shahi Jirga and the non-official members of the Quetta Municipality opted for Pakistan unanimously on 29 June 1947. Three of the princely states, Makran, Las Bela and Kharan, acceded to Pakistan in 1947 after independence

In Pakistan gibt es über 110 Millionen Punjabis, sie machen damit etwa 55 % der Bevölkerung Pakistans aus. Punjab ist ein Vielvölkerstaat. Sie gehören zur Gruppe der Biradaris. Zusätzlich werden sie in zwei Gruppen geteilt. Die Zamindar oder Qoums sind traditionell Bauern und die Moeens sind üblicherweise Handwerker. Die verschiedenen Stämme der Zamindars sind Jats, Shaikhs, Muslim. in Punjab, Pakistan Syed Turab Hussain Usman Khan Kashif Zaheer Malik Adeel Faheem January 2012 When citing this paper, please use the title and the following reference number: F-37030-PAK-1. 2 Contents 1 Performance, Structure and Impediments to Industry in Punjab.. 5 1.1 Performance of the Economy - Stagnating growth..... 5 1.2 Constraints to Investment and Productivity - A short. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan economy is on solid growth path and has potential to grow at much higher rate in next five years despite a challenging environment across the globe, Khaleej Times reported. The official website for Agriculture Department of Punjab, Pakistan. Aim is to sustain food security & support national economy, making work cost effective & knowledge based In this post Development schemes in Punjab Effects on real estate development Pakistan's Punjab province is considered to be the most prosperous of all four provinces. It has the greatest share in agri-based earnings and industrial output. This is because of its geography and in order to sustain this growth, successive governments have introduced a number of development packages and schemes.

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Pakistan has a Sami industrialized economy. Which mainly encompasses textiles, Chemicals, Food processing, Agriculture and other industries. Growth poles of Pakistan economy are situated along the Indus River, Diversified economies of Karachi and Punjab urban centers coexist with lesser developed area is other part of the country. 2021 is the worst year in economic history of Pakistan. The. IMPACT OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC CHARACTERISTICS OF RURAL HOUSEHOLDS ON FOOD SECURITY: THE CASE OF THE PUNJAB, PAKISTAN 1,2,3 M. K. Bashir, 1,2 S. Schilizzi and 1,2 R. Pandit 1,2 Institute of Agriculture and School of Agricultural and Resource Economics Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, University of Western Australia and 3 Institute of Agricultural and Resource Economics Faculty of Social. The other two rivers are now in the state of Punjab, situated in Pakistan. The Punjab State is divided into three regions: Majha, Doaba and Malwa. Agriculture is the mainstay of Punjab's economy. Other major industries include manufacturing of scientific instruments, electrical goods, financial services, machine tools, textiles, sewing machines etc.. Punjab has made considerable economic. Director, Punjab Economic Research Institute, P&D Department, Lahore (Pakistan). 40 Pakistan Economic and Social Review itself to be one of the most important determinants of sustainable economic growth and hence development. The positive and significant contribution of human capital through education development is being well recognized. Most of the studies on education and productivity. Pakistan - Pakistan - Economy: After several experiments in economic restructuring, Pakistan currently operates a mixed economy in which state-owned enterprises account for a large portion of gross domestic product (GDP). The country has experimented with several economic models during its existence. At first, Pakistan's economy was largely based on private enterprise, but significant. Pakistan's tottering economy. During Imran Khan's tenure, the debt-to-GDP ratio has shot up to 107

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